A portrait is more than just a picture

It might just be me, but I’m getting really tired of looking at websites with pictures of people that I just know are models. They scream “FAKE” to me. I’m also tired of  pictures of people that look like they lined up at a photography studio in the mall and got standard head shots. Business … Continue reading “A portrait is more than just a picture”

6-year-old’s Marketing Video… Beautiful!

I feel like I must be a hundred.. but back in MY day, the Boy Scouts sold light bulbs!  THAT was useful.  My dad would keep a big list all year and then get them from a neighborhood kid. Now, at least here in Baltimore, they’re selling popcorn. A friend of mine has a 6 … Continue reading “6-year-old’s Marketing Video… Beautiful!”

Are you wasting time on your business website?

Did you ever notice how all those beer commercials at the Super Bowl are about good times? “Miller time” isn’t about cheap beer. According to research from Stanford University, customers have more favorable feeling toward brands they associate with “time well spent.”  Memories of good times were more powerful than memories of great savings.  Ultimately, … Continue reading “Are you wasting time on your business website?”

Is my web designer going to get me a real website?

Did you ever get one of these shirts after somebody’s vacation.  “My mom and dad went to Hawaii and all I got was this lousy t-shirt?” I recently found a note like that in the comment section of my survey about working with a web developer. (The note is changed slightly but not in essential … Continue reading “Is my web designer going to get me a real website?”

How hard is it to tweak a WordPress website?

Let’s say you’re new in business and you know you need a web site. Good for you to know that! Let’s say you also think it should be simple. Let’s say your brother/cousin/neighbor says, “Oh, that’s easy. I can set up a WordPress site for you in a couple of minutes. Just pick out a … Continue reading “How hard is it to tweak a WordPress website?”

8 Ways To Break Your Computer

Smart people generally don’t like to admit when something baffles them. And competent people don’t like to admit being afraid of inanimate objects. In fact, computers can’t do anything you don’t specifically tell them to do. People say you can’t hurt your computer by using it. They say, “Don’t be afraid. Go ahead, push some … Continue reading “8 Ways To Break Your Computer”

Can’t I just use Facebook for my blog?

Recently a friend asked: I want to set up a website to notify people about an upcoming race. Someone suggested a blog because I could add the content myself. Can I just use the “Notes” function in Facebook? Here’s what I think: If your blog is a one time, use-it-and-lose-it thing.. then tying it to … Continue reading “Can’t I just use Facebook for my blog?”

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