Have you seen that new search box? Then good for you!

I just got hit with the Conduit virus. (and I never get them.. So crap) It seems to replace (at least) 404 errors with a conduit search box which looks harmless. BUT DO NOT USE IT.. get rid of it right away From botcrawl.com (which seems to be a pretty comprehensive site for fixing these … Continue reading “Have you seen that new search box? Then good for you!”

8 Ways To Break Your Computer

Smart people generally don’t like to admit when something baffles them. And competent people don’t like to admit being afraid of inanimate objects. In fact, computers can’t do anything you don’t specifically tell them to do. People say you can’t hurt your computer by using it. They say, “Don’t be afraid. Go ahead, push some … Continue reading “8 Ways To Break Your Computer”

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