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What we stand for at WeFixBrokenWebsites

I stand for clean, clear websites that are user-friendly not only for the visitor but also for the site owner. It’s my responsibility to tell you when something you want to have on your site won’t work as you imagine it will or will make it difficult for users to actually use your site.


I use WordPress as a platform for new websites because I’m good at working with it and because you can most likely make changes to the content yourself which will keep your costs down.

I believe that the relationship between the client and the designer is critical to producing that site. And if you can’t understand your webmaster when s/he talks then there can’t be a very good relationship.

I don’t think it’s right for web designers to charge tons of money just because they can. If I’m happy with my hourly rate and you are too?  Then, as I like to say, “Shut up and say thank you.”

I believe that you shouldn’t be at the mercy of a web designer with too many projects to attend to everyone on his list. Therefore, I am committed to rapid response and adjustments to your site.

While I don’t believe that a web designer is necessarily the best person to be editing your content, I am a writer and editor.  And I believe it’s my responsibility to tell you when something doesn’t make sense and to coach you to find the words you want to use to explain what you’re trying to showcase.  And yes, I’m trained as a coach.

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