Are you embarrassed by your website?
Are you embarrassed that you don’t have one at all?

Are you tired of being underwhelmed by it?

Whether you need a new look or a brand new website,
we can help.

The people at WeFixBrokenWebsites  have been building and maintaining websites for small business since 1999.

Kerch McConlogueI pride myself on being  responsive to my clients. I want you to know  that somebody’s there paying attention to your website even if you’re not. Your questions get answered quickly, sometimes even within an hour or two. (That’s not a promise for everything, but it is my goal.)

An awful lot of people don’t have a real and trusting relationship with their web person. If you don’t talk to them because:

  • You don’t understand them
  • You’re not sure what you need or even where to start
  • You’re not sure what to ask

Then talk to me!  I speak plain English to nonGeeks!

Take a look at what I can offer you.