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ptcruiserEver notice how sometimes you start thinking about something and then you see it everywhere? You know, you think you like PT Cruisers when there are none. You buy one and BAM! they’re everywhere?  OK, maybe not today, but so it was when I got mine!

I wrote yesterday about writing for the web in response to an edit I did on client’s new blog. (Na, I don’t want to share whose it was.  Seems unkind. And I am not unkind!)

Anyway, then today I found a great piece called The Art of the Paragraph over CopyBlogger (My favorite place to find great info about writing for the web). Check out the article by Jonathan Morrow.

And notice particularly how short his paragraphs are. And how much white space there is. And the great subheads that make you want to know what he’s talking about next.

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