What goes on the Contact Us page

Contact me, contact us or just contact. Just include all the ways a person or potential customer can contact you.

Perhaps one of the most important pages on your website (and the easiest to write!) is your Contact page.

Contact Us—Me—or just plain Contact.

It doesn’t matter. But if your visitors can’t contact you
they can’t buy what you’re selling.

Without a way to contact you, you have no opportunity for connection.

Connection happens for a host of reasons, like a shared history or common ideas or values. And connection is required before trust is ever possible.

So include—obviously:

  • Your name
  • Your geographical address. If it makes you queasy to include a street address, then at least include a city, state and zip.
  • A phone number for people who prefer voice to the written word.
    If you use SKYPE, you could include that contact info. Or if you use some other contact system like Google Voice (like I do) include that.

  • Links to your Twitter and FaceBook pages—IF you want random, and possibly unknown, people to know that much about you.


A short note about FaceBook, Twitter and even your blog in general.
Take some care in your postings. Future clients or employers WILL look you up. What will they find? Hourly updates about your drinking or clock watching will give some people pause when considering your suitability to their organization


  • You need a contact form. You could include just your email address, but I don’t recommend it for a couple reasons
  1. Spam robots have a habit of trolling websites and adding your info to massive lists and then use them to send you multitudinous offers to buy performance enhancing drugs or Rolex watches (and I will NEVER understand that attraction!)
  2. Some people are not real good about their subject lines. So they might include no subject, or “hello” or something else that does not scream, “I am contacting you because of your website.” When you use a bit of code (no, you don’t have to write it yourself) you can decide exactly what the subject line should say. Use different subjects for different forms. And never miss an important email again.

Hey, check out my contact form.  And use it!

Author: Kerch McConlogue

Harrisburg, PA: A WordPress front end web developer who speaks plain-English to nonGeeks

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