How much content is enough and how much is too much?

Or: How much content is enough and how much is too much? –

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck … if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

What I mean is this: If a reader signs up for a newsletter or a email delivered class, how many emails (how much content) will it take before that person cries, “Uncle, Enough?”

I get bugged when I get more email than I imagine I’ll get when I sign up for a newsletter or a free report.

I think it’s the “I imagine” part of that thought that’s important.

When somebody signs up for your newsletter, do you tell them how often it will come? Or warn them that it might be a lot or not so much?

Here’s where my story starts:

I’ve signed up for a PDEC (pretty darn expensive class) to help me build my business (Hint, Hint, I’m taking new clients). Some of the stuff I’m learning is great and I sure enjoy the people. But here’s the  problem advice:

As soon as someone requests your freebee they are yours for life and you should start sending them emails, like, every other day to help them to remember who you are and maybe eventually you’ll wear them down … no, I mean…  see how great your product or service is and then buy from you.

So I signed up for somebodyelse’s freebee.

Got the confirmation email that I really did want that freebee.

Clicked the link to say I did.

Got the download.

Scanned the content really quick. Heck, I printed it out to read on vacation (which was starting the next day).

Then I got an email asking if I got it? (That was nice).

Then there was the “Do you have any questions?” email.

Then “Did you notice tips 3 and 8? I bet they’d be really good for you.”

Every other day since I signed up, I’ve gotten an email.

And pretty much by the 5th email I thought, I don’t have time to read more stuff from that place. I haven’t really been able to read more than a second pass (after the scan) of the content.

I understand that people forget quickly. I get that regular connection is important. Heck, in some ways I wish I could keep up that kind of contact (even though I do know it’s done automatically and the writer isn’t really thinking about ME, personally! )

However, when is enough enough?

Don’t over load me unless you tell me you will. It’s ok if I’ve signed up for your “Six tips in Six days.” But if I was just curious about your product, do I have to hear from you every other day?

Enough is enough for your blog posts

I am pretty much one with my computer (It is, after all, what I do and I do not play solitaire! although some other adults in my house do.)

So I read my email many times a day (except when it’s too much, then see rant above). I do my work. I’m building a business.

I can not read EVERY SINGLE EMAIL (well, unless it comes through my contact form. And those emails come with a specific subject line that gets automatically flagged as important! Actually the tag is a big red block that says “!DO SOMETHING.” The exclamation mark comes first so it’s at the top of my label list in Gmail) .. but I digress.

I do not have time to read all the newsletters I’ve signed up for, all the announcements from companies I’ve bought from, or a million posts in FaceBook, the forum of choice for the PDEC. I have to be selective.

300px-Mr._HorseAnd I don’t want to lose touch with anybody who’s asked for information. But neither do I want to bug them to death. Too much contact feels like the realtor who showed you one house and now feels compelled to take you out every weekend to look a 15 other houses that really aren’t what you’re looking for.

It’s spelled HIGH PRESSURE and, as Mr. Horse said in the old Ren and Stimpy cartoons, “No Sir, I don’t like it.”

And look, even the doctor says “Be regular.”

But don’t make yourself nuts over it. (I’m not actually sure he says that part, but he should!)

Unlike the doctor’s advice, posting on your blog every day or several times a day is not really worth going crazy for.

I understand the need to post in your blog or change the content on your website regularly. But every day? Every other day?  Really? When do you have time to work?

And how about the people you’re contacting? Do they care about you every other day? No offense, but unless it’s their mother, probably not.

As far as I know, Google doesn’t have a specific number of updates required to get on their good side.

AND Google likes REAL content. Not a bunch of short re-posts.

No babies will die if you miss a day or a week.

Just keep real information flowing often enough.

Author: Kerch McConlogue

Harrisburg, PA: A WordPress front end web developer who speaks plain-English to nonGeeks

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