Transferring a Domain Registration
Just the name, not the site

Why is transferring a domain name so complicated? Every time I set out to do this, something seems to hiccup. So I thought I’d write out the process here. First, a definition: Registrar The Registrar is the company you pay money to to own the domain. It might or might not be your hosting company. … Continue reading “Transferring a Domain Registration
Just the name, not the site”

What goes in the footer of my WordPress sites

Regularly when setting up a new site, I change the footer information.  I have to look up in my files every time exactly what I like it to say and how it works. I’m posting it here for myself and for any of you who also wonder about this. I generally forget to go change … Continue reading “What goes in the footer of my WordPress sites”

Taking feedback well

Sometimes things don’t go the way you think they should. Bad customer service, a broken website, you get the idea. People complain. I’d personally like to think that everyone is kind in their complaints, but it’s almost never the case. I love the answer that Sheryl Sandberg gave to a question about scaleablity of a … Continue reading “Taking feedback well”

SEO for Small Business:
5 Reasons It’s Important

Your online presence impacts the success of your business. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a big part in the process. You can do a lot on your own to OPTIMIZE your site. Check out my slides from the talk at the Harrisburg WordPress MeetUp about SEO: SEO Past Yoast Mickey Welser is my business partner … Continue reading “SEO for Small Business:
5 Reasons It’s Important”

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