Easy SEO: A Brilliant Article

Advice to help your readers comprehend what you’re talking about AND help the search engines who help them, use these really simple tips.

crown on kid by parentsPeople often ask for help with SEO.

Short of paying for Pay Per Click (which I can help with), there is a lot you can do with your own content to help search engines “like” your content.

I have said repeatedly: to help your readers comprehend what you’re talking about AND to help the search engines who help them:

  • Use headlines
  • Use bold for important words
  • Use bullets
  • Say where you’re clients are (ADHD coach in Doylestown, for example)

Those few tips put my old website at number one in appropriate Google search results for more than ten years PLUS at least five more years AFTER  I was no longer providing that service!

Here is a brilliant example of what I’m talking about

The silent tragedy affecting today’s children
Even if you have no children, or don’t care about children, or the future, or anything else. Just look at the article for like 10 seconds.
Scanability (If that’s even a word)
(You have to go look.)

I’ll even presume you don’t care about the subject.

What do you see, even if you aren’t really reading?

I’m guessing:

  • This headline:
    • What to do about it?
  • Then the red bullets (which should be bold instead of red, IMHO)
    • Our children are in a devastating emotional state!
  • Then there are more bullets
  • And bold words
  • And another heading:
    • How to fix it?

That is just BRILLIANT. Readers get the idea REALLY fast .. even if they don’t care. That’s what you’re aiming for (the “getting it” part, not the “don’t care” part).

People don’t read the internet like a beloved novel.

They scan… fast. Then move on.

So you need your readers to get the content ASAP.
Make it easy for them. Use:

  • Headlines
  • Bullets
  • Bold
  • Short sentences
  • Easy reading

PS: That article has really good parenting advice.

Author: Kerch McConlogue

Harrisburg, PA: A WordPress front end web developer who speaks plain-English to nonGeeks

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