What do I include on my website

Three reasons to have a clear focus about what belongs on your website.

Only what matters and supports your reason for being on the web in the first place

I’ve lived a complicated life where I have spent full time as a mom and part time as an artist and part time producing really big events. Or part time as a coach and part time as a writer and part time as a web developer.

I am happy to report that there are no more “also rans” in my life. OK, I’m still a mom, but my kids are old. But now I am ONLY doing web stuff.. new and redeveloped websites. Need one? Check it out.

All of these jobs overlapped, or were the primary focus, at some time in my life.  It suits me just fine. I know how to juggle the balls. But I surely can’t expect other people to get it.  It makes my poor husband’s head spin.  “Pick one,” he says, “then make a lot of money so I can retire.”  Yea, well, we’re working on that.

What happens when you’re not focused?

Every time I went out to do the corporate wife thing (also one of those part time jobs) I’d have to decide on the answer to the “What do you do?” question. Because to admit to doing more than one thing will either make the other person’s eyes glaze over OR they won’t take me seriously regarding anything.

You know, part of the reason that Realtors want you to get rid of personal stuff before you show your house is so that your too-much or too-cool stuff doesn’t distract your potential buyer from doing what they’re supposed to be doing.. LOOKING AT YOUR HOUSE!

If you’re website is for selling books, don’t drift into information about your other business of producing baby showers.  Get another website for that. Websites aren’t so expensive any more. Or at least shouldn’t be.

What does this mean?

Before you ever start the process of designing your site, or talking to a designer, answer this question:

What are your intentions for your site?

This needs to be clear in your mind even before you decide what you want people to do when they’re on your site.

Be specific.

  • “I want to make a lot of money.” … not specific
  • “I want to help mothers have easier lives…” better.. but not quite right

What if you start your thinking with this:

My site will focus on …..  what exactly?

WeFixBrokenWebsites focuses on helping people who want websites ask the best questions of prospective web designers (so they are not at the mercy of bullies who imply that the web is scary and that you need someone to hold your hand all the time.  And there is nothing you can do about that. PFFFT!)

That last part is a rant, in case you weren’t sure. And  I digress, so

What goes on your website?

The answer is the same: Whatever supports your purpose.

  1. Knowing this purpose will help you decide what fits.

    Does a post about flying monkeys fit with your site about national security?  Maybe it does. Who’s to say?
    And maybe it doesn’t and it’s just a short little throw away bit to prove you are a human. BUT if it’s part of your other life where Dorothy rules the world.. Perhaps, You should leave that off of this site.

  2. A clear focus will help you judge the appropriateness of the possible addition to your site.  IF everything on your site is about the color purple.  Think carefully about adding a bunch of other colors, ‘cause just like with colors, too many things in one place turn out to look like mud.
  3. Keep a clear focus  so you don’t confuse your visitors.
    Make it easy for them to stay focused on what they came to your website thinking about.

Bottom line, make it easy for visitors to buy what you’re selling, be it product or idea.

Do you have any other ideas about how to decide what belongs?

Author: Kerch McConlogue

Harrisburg, PA: A WordPress front end web developer who speaks plain-English to nonGeeks

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