How to talk to your web designer

Think out the bits and pieces of your site before you call a web developer or designer

One of the biggest problems people have when starting a new website (or even redesigning an old one) is that they haven’t really thought out all the bits and pieces or even the big chunks of stuff they want to include.

Here’s  couple of big items to consider as you prepare to build a site:

  • Who is the site for? Who is your target audience?
  • What do you want the visitors to do once they find your site? Buy stuff? Learn stuff? Find pictures of your dog? All of these are legitimate reasons to have a site. But if you’re trying to sell stuff and you’re not sure who will buy it, or how they will buy it… chances are really great that no one will.
  • And then perhaps the most important of all, how will the visitors get around your site? How will they find the stuff to buy or that great picture of your grandmother with your dog?

And remember, the beauty of a website is how much it is not like a printed brochure.

  • You find a typo? Fix it.
  • Hate that picture of your ex in the background? Just take it out and add a new one.
  • There are no printing costs. And small additions to your site can be managed by you (in many instances) or for a small price by your web person.

Consider your short and long term goals in the project.

In the beginning, maybe you just want people to know how to find you if they already know what you have to share. Later  you’ll probably want strangers to find you, too.  Grow into that. It’s OK.

The point in all of this is that a website can always be a work in progress. Don’t wait until it’s perfect to make it live. It may never be perfect.

Oh, I hate myself for this cliche “Rome wasn’t built in a day!”  And even really fast web designers can’t get you just what you want in only one day!

However, the more you know about what you want before they start writing code, the better off you’ll be.  And the more money you’ll keep in your wallet.


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