What will happen if I click that button?

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When people know what will happen next, they are more likely to go along for the ride.

I don’t like to get in a car and randomly drive. I don’t necessarily need to know exactly where I’m going: it could just be “let’s see what’s up this road.”

But if you’re giving me directions, you better tell me where the end point is.
If all I have is “turn right here, then turn left there” I’ll have a very hard time following along. It’s just the way my brain works.

It’s similar with Call to Action buttons.

I want to know what will happen if I click.

  • Will my credit card be automatically charged?
  • Do I have another chance to review my order?
  • Will this link open in a new tab?
  • Will it download a PDF or a Word document?

CTA a single command, an action word.

Click this and that will happen.
Tell me what I’ll get for sharing my contact information.

  1. Write a title/tag line in big letters: What is the purpose of the button?
  2. Then show the button — which should be big and obvious and in a color used specifically for buttons.
  3. And then a short explanation of what will happen next, or what you’ll get if you click the button.

Check out this great article and infographic at DigitalInformationWorld.com about using CTAs.

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