Who is your ideal client?

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I know that finding my ideal client is paramount to having the most fun doing what I’m doing.

Yep, that might sound like a strange notion coming from a web developer. But when you work for yourself, you have that wonderful opportunity to enjoy what you do, or do something else!

I used to be ADHD coach and helping my entrepreneur clients do that was often a big topic. Once I heard Sonia Simone, of Copyblogger fame, suggest that “I am my ideal client.”  I don’t think she meant necessarily exactly like me… but I generally like to work with people who have the same sensibilities and values.

Dana Rayburn wrote an excellent article for the ADHDcoaches newsletter, Circle, on just this topic. She says:

Being clear on my Ideal Client also improves my conversations with potential clients. Instead of focusing the calls on selling my services, I’m focused on finding out about the person … I’m able also to quickly and easily know who isn’t the best match for me and can quickly refer them to another coach.

My ideal clients are people who not only
want to work with me but who also understand that
I want the best for them,
their business and their website.

I know that getting a new website can be overwhelming. There are lots and lots of questions to ask and answer. AND I’m trained as a coach, so I have skills to help you figure out what it is that you want.

You should also know this: I’m not a “client is always right” kind of person.

That just means I won’t let you run with scissors.

However, I will always listen when you tell me what you want. I will tell you when I think something you said is brilliant, and I will tell you—in plain English—when and why I think something is a mistake.

Wanna know for sure?  You won’t know if I’m YOUR ideal webmaster until we talk!
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