Are you embarrassed by your website?
Are you embarrassed that you don’t have one at all?

Are you tired of being underwhelmed by it?

Whether you need a new look or a brand new website,
we can help.

The people at WeFixBrokenWebsites (formerly have been building and maintaining websites for small business since 1999.

I pride myself on being  responsive to my clients. I want you to know  that somebody’s there paying attention to your website even if you’re not. Your questions get answered quickly, sometimes even within an hour or two. (That’s not a promise for everything, but it is my goal.)

An awful lot of people don’t have a real and trusting relationship with their web person. If you don’t talk to them because:

  • You don’t understand them
  • You’re not sure what you need or even where to start
  • You’re not sure what to ask

Then you should talk to me!

I hate it when I read proposals that try to scare a person into making a decision. Or charge an exorbitant fee for something just because they can.

I know just enough about website design to be dangerous. Kerch was able to translate my blasé, amateur execution into a crisp, clear online portfolio. Her insight, knowledge and design sense makes me look professional. She listens to my questions and I can understand her answers. Then she takes care of everything! (I’m not  a geek and she doesn’t talk to me like I’m an idiot.)
Thanks, Kerch.

Susan Davis

What if you had someone to help you through the process from start to finish.

Here’s what I can do for you:

  • Help you decide on adding content, one page at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed with too many parts or ideas at once.
  • Build you a website that does what you want it to do.
  • Whether that’s to be
    •  an online proof of your existence  as a professional
    • Share information about your cause
    • Get people to come to your store
    • Get them to call for more information
    • Or get them to buy something

Why listen to me?

I spent 12 years as a certified professional coach helping people with too many ideas make specific plans and carry them through to make changes in their lives and businesses.

We knew our organization’s site had problems. Kerch reviewed it and gave us 12 pages of specific measurable things we could do to increase its value to our visitors.


For 6 years I have edited and published an electronic newsletter for the largest professional organization for ADHD coaches. That  means I can let you know when you’re content doesn’t quite make sense or when…

Kerch is a creative guide who translates our random thoughts and ideas to everyday language. Great sense of fun with an appreciation for the absurd but on the board, she is a focused developer who designs for the modern web reader.

Maureen Nolan
Editor of monthly newsletter for the
ADHD Coaches Organization

For a limited time I’ll review up to 6 pages of your website for just $47

I’ll find 10 things that can be fixed to make your site better or I’ll give you your money back.

You can take the list to your web person who can make the fixes,you can make them yourself or you can hire me to fix those things and what ever else isn’t quite right.

Do I hear objections?
Time and money .. and where to start?

Save your time for your business.

Look, you’ve probably heard that anybody can set up a WordPress site in a few minutes. Then in a couple of hours have your site all finished.  Maybe you should just do this yourself.

That might be true. But if you don’t really know how, or if you’re a little confused or unsure,  or you have to learn to use some new program… Well, those things will just slow you down.

If the process of learning and setting up a website doesn’t sound like a FUN PUZZLE that you’ll really enjoy doing, AND if you want to keep up with your business at the same time…

Get a professional to help!

There are plenty of scary stories of $22,000 websites that don’t really function properly, or of websites set up and then the guy who manages it evaporates into thin air.

It is not my goal to see how flashy (read:expensive) I can make you site. I want to help you have a useful presence with a site you can grow with your business. I want you to be confident that when people look at your site they know they’re at the right place for them and they can easily figure out what you want them to do when they are there:  Call? Buy? Sign up? Or just read?  Any answer is fine as long as you and your visitor know which it is.

Save your money

  • Do you have somebody who answers your phone and spends too much time repeating directions to your office?
  • Or has to answer the same questions about insurance over and over?
  • Or what kinds of clients you work with?
  • What could that person (or YOU) be doing with that time instead?

If the information were on your website you’d save yourself time AND money!

I’ll give you a written proposal that spells out exactly what I’ll do for you.

If you don’t like what I say, if you don’t like me, there is no further obligation.

Take a look at what I can offer you.