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WeFixBrokenWebsites offers a choice of
3 packages to meet your needs

A brand new site from scratch

For a brand new site, we’ll talk not only about

  • what colors and content you want to have but also
  • what you want the site to do for you: naming your ideal visitor and determining what you want them to do.

This option includes:

  • WordPress installation and site design based on your logo or photograph for a customized design.
  • 3 changes to the original design.
  • Up to 4 pages of content—generally that means: Home, About, Directions, Contact (including a contact form). Substitutions can me made.
  • Up to 3 images (including logo) which may or may not require some editing.
  • Site set up: Layout, contact form, light content editing.
  • Site testing on: Firefox, IE8 and above, Chrome, Safari, Opera

You must buy your own domain name (about $15/year) and arrange for a hosting company although I can provide that at an additional cost.


Site repair or Site Rebuild and Clean Up

Repairing a website means I access your site’s existing code and adjust it to make the site work as you want it to work.

It is often the most complicated of the choices and so also can be more expensive. Depending on the condition of the existing code, a repair might be pretty easy or hugely complicated.


Rebuilding a site means I start from scratch to update your site.

It might be a less expensive approach than a repair. It includes a new WordPress installation and theme which is customized to meet your needs, then moving existing content, images, and links to the newly designed site.

Both of these options presume that you already have a website and, therefore, a domain name and a hosting company.


Both options require an initial site evaluation

This comprehensive review includes checking your site for discrepancies in code that do not help search engines appropriately rank your site as well as an evaluation of consistency of style across all your pages, image naming, use of headings and links, reading comprehension level assessment, any code problems that I can see without access to the administration parts of your site, etc.

You will receive a written evaluation will be useful to you even if you decide not to proceed with my repairing your site.

Your choice of up to 10 pages for evaluation: $187.50

Full site evaluation depends on the size of the site.


Based on that assessment, I will give you an estimate of time required and cost associated with it. However, once work begins, that estimate may have to be renegotiated.  This is not unlike taking your car to the mechanic because you think you need a belt replaced in the engine and then find out that you really need a whole new air conditioning unit. (Except that you can trust that I won’t give you more than you need!)

If I find that the job is less complicated than anticipated, I will adjust the final payment due to reflect that.

In the end, your site will have the essentially the same design/layout but changes to some design elements will be upgraded/repaired.


 Monthly Maintenance Package: $75/month

After I’ve worked on your site in any of these three ways, you can sign on for a monthly maintenance package.

Pay automatically monthly thru PayPal or automatically from your bank and includes:

  • regular site backups
  • updates to WordPress themes and plugins
  • ½ hour per month of tweaks and helps.


Contact me or call 443-255-3401

If it’s daylight on the east coast of the USA, I’ll talk to you. Otherwise, leave a message and I’ll call you back.

Let’s see how I can help you.



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